These are some most Frequently Asked Questions.

Zumba® Fitness Program FAQs

What is Zumba® Fitness all about? 

Zumba Fitness® is the only Latin-inspired dance-fitness program that blends red-hot international music and contagious steps to form a “fitness-party” that is downright addictive.
A Zumba® class – known as ZUMBA® fitness-Party – combines fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body using an aerobic/fitness approach to achieve a unique blended balance of cardio and muscle toning benefits. ”

No rules. No right/wrong. Party Yourself to Shape.!!!

Will I be able to do the Zumba® Fitness Moves too???

Worried about not been able to pick up the moves on the first go?? DON’T..!!!  Remember, Zumba Fitness is a all about “party”! Zumba classes are all about fun, not skill… 

  • Moves and sequences are repeated often, so if not the first time you’ll definitely see yourself grooving from the 2nd or the 3rd time.
  • Zumba is something that any individual can “master”. There is no right or wrong here. So even if your not able to do the moves like others, you are still moving, grooving & sweating and the effect will be same like the others.

So just relax. Feel the music, get into the groove and party yourself to shape.

Is Zumba Fitness for Men too or is it only for Women???

The creator of Zumba Fitness itself is a “Male” – Beto Perez from Columbia. There are many Male Fitness instructors and Dancers everywhere. It’s for every gender and everybody.

Attire for the Zumba Fitness sessions???

  • Wear clothing that is comfortable – Not too loose nor too tight. Stretchable sports wear (tracks, t-shirts), with fabrics that can breathe, like cotton and can wick moisture from your skin. You are gonna be sweating real bad!!
  • Women – please consider wearing Sports Bras – anything well supportive, because there is gonna be a lot of hopping too.
  • The right pair of shoes – The best shoes have very little tread, even sneakers are good. It’s important that your shoes have some flexibility, are light with good support & cushioning to the entire feet. A BIG NO to running shoes / stockings / Socks / Bare feet.  In short, wear shoes which has –
  1. Excellent Grip
  2. Split sole
  3. Light Weight
  4. Shock Absorbant sole
  5. Good Heel Counter
  6. Style (optional)

Please do read through this article for some more information on the best shoes for Zumba.

What to carry???

  • Waterrrrrrrrrrrr ! – You’ll need to hydrate yourself throughout the day. Once joining the Zumba Fitness sessions you’ll loose out on a lot through sweat. Do keep sipping in some more water during the sessions.
  • Towel – You WILL sweat!
  • Your “FUN”self – It’s all about partying yourself to Shape. Feel the Music, Get into the Groove, Breathe, Laugh and feel freee to Make some noise..

So guys,…. it time to “Ditch the Workout & Join the Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaartyyyyy!!!!

What if I have a knee problem or back problem etc ?

Please CONSULT your doctor before you join the classes.  If you get a go from your doctor, please talk to your instructor as well.

Is there any thing I should know ?

Yes Please go through this disclaimer before you join the class.


1. Do you provide private sessions?

Yes we do. However, its fun when you have atleast 3 people for a private session?

2. Whats the minimum and maximum age to join your sessions?

For regular sessions Minimum age is 13, Maximum age depends on your activity level. However since some of our batches are intensive , we do not take participants over 45 unless a medical certificate is provided.

3.  Can I attend a Free Trail or a demo session?

From time to time we allow free trails only at certain locations. Please see the promotion section if a free trial is on at the moment. We also provide drop in session at a very low cost.

4. Do you accept cards ?

Yes we accept all debit/Credit Cards.

4. I want to join your Network as an instructor ?

Please follow us on Facebook for updates regarding open positions.

Lets get started Find a class near you !