Client Speak

yeaaaahhhh love you team Dance Jockey – D#J…. you guys are awesome..

– Neelima Kaushik

the best thing ever..i am now addicted ! Can’t wait for the next class.


Top 6 Benefits of Zumba® Fitness

Burn calories

Loose upto 500-800 Calories in an hour. Burn fat, maintain healthy weight.Build endurance and coordination.

Get fit!

Strengthen your heart and lungs.Tone muscles.Increase circulation and flexibility

Reduce Stress

Fit fun into a busy schedule. Reduce Stress, clear your mind.Practice dancing, gain confidence on the floor.

Great Music

The music is great! Our classes feature a range of dance styles, including Latin flavours (Zumba), world music and Desi Flavours.

Be Motivated

Get motivated to keep exercising: if you enjoy doing something, you’re more likely to stick with it.

Gain Confidence

Practice dancing, gain confidence on the floor. Explore your creative side express yourself through movement

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